Is Penuma Penis Enlargement Worth It?

Have you heard of Penuma? It is the only FDA approved penis enlargement device available, not the only penis enlargement device available, but given that Penuma is FDA approved is validation in itself that penis enlargement is real and attainable… and safe… or is it?

Since release in 2004 over 3000 men have had this implant inserted into their penis shafts. The initial idea to create this mesh-like implant spawned from the concept of silicone breast implants. Before this, penis enlargement surgery involved injection of organic or non-organic material directly into the penis. Organic injections could be fat taken from the person’s own body, maybe buttocks or thighs, the fat directly injected into the penis. Non-organic compounds included silicone. The effectiveness of these methods were not 100%, so the Penuma, invented by a urologist called Elist, was a boon for men seeking permanent and effective penis enlargement.

The term ‘penis enlargement’ may be somewhat misleading in its interpretation. When one thinks of penis enlargement they would usually think both in terms of length and girth. In actuality, physical penis enlargement, as in surgery, is only effective for expanding the girth of the penis. This is more a straightforward and easier procedure than the overly complex procedure that is lengthening. It is no easy task to simply lengthen the urethra, a very complex procedure that has a low success rate, and low satisfaction rate.

The Penuma is inserted into the penis via a small incision that is slit just above the shaft where the penis is attached to the body. The flexible mesh like implant is slid into the penis shaft and adjusted to wrap around the penis, not fully 360 degrees to totally envelope the penis, but designed to cover around 270 degrees of the shaft. The reason for this is that the inventor fully understood the FDA would not approve the device if it totally enveloped, or wrapped around the full circumference of the penis, covering all 360 degrees of circumference.

After surgery, there will be pain for a few weeks that can be felt from the surgical sutures attaching the implant as it adjusts to fit into place within the penis shaft. The implant is designed to be flexible to conform to the various movements of expansion of the penis whether flaccid or erect.

The Case Against Penuma

Of the respondents of men who have had this penis implant, the satisfaction rate hovers around only the 80% mark, which leaves 20%, or one in five patients with a less than satisfactory satisfaction rate post-surgery. About 3% of men post-surgery required removal of the implant due to complications. Complications can include the sutures coming apart so not properly fixing the implant in place. The actual implant itself breaking apart. Blood clots forming in the penis. And as with all surgery, any type of surgery, infection is a real risk that can escalate to gangrene in the worst-case scenario, and we all know what would happen if gangrene were to occur… amputation of penis! The instances of infection are mostly due to the patient’s own fault from not following the proper hygiene and care maintenance guidelines post-surgery, this includes abstaining from sex for about 8 weeks post-surgery.

Also you have to bear in mind that no insurance is available for this procedure, and also, if not already, you will need to be circumcised. Remember that this device is a cosmetic enhancement and not a cure or remedy for erectile dysfunction.

Other things to bear in mind is the cost. At over $15,000 dollars it is not cheap, at least for the masses it would be a significant amount of moolah.

So is there anything good about the Penuma? Yes, it works! This in itself is assured, and it is guaranteed that you will in fact have a thicker penis – this is in contrast to the plethora of false promises from so-called fake-pills that have limited results or only temporary results. If you want permanent, that is permanent penis growth, then surgery is a fool-proof means of doing so.

One surprising outcome of the Penuma device that was not expected was the reported lengthening of the penis. Although increase in girth is guaranteed, thickening the circumference by 2 inches or so, you can actually increase in length by an inch or so too! How is this possible? It is gravity. The weight of the implant in patients it was observed, gradually elongated the penis length through gravity by gently weighing down the penis and stretching it from the weight of the implant. Sound familiar? This stretching mechanism being able to lengthen the penis is the same method used in natural penis enlargement techniques such as jelqing and the penis-extender device mechanisms. Over long periods of time, this gentle and constant tugging or stretching will lengthen the penis.

If you want a larger penis then rather than doling out $15,000 for the Penuma, it might be prudent to first opt for something like a penis extender device first, for only a few hundred dollars you can still grow a bigger penis naturally and without surgery!

Would you like to grow a bigger penis naturally and non-surgically? Then a penis extender may be an option for you. At only a fraction the price of surgery, you can apply gentle stretching on the penis, and grow a larger penis. Please visit my site for reviews of best penis extenders at Penisolution

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